Intensive Care

Intensive Care

At MGM Hospital, we are totally ready to take on even the foremost complex cases. So as to deliver actually reliable medical care, we leverage the foremost advanced instrumentation and proved approaches to crucial case administration.

Our infant medical care Unit is the foremost advanced instrumentation within the world like GE giraffe incubators and every one needed infrastructure to worry for sick babies including ventilation, HFOV, and gas, amongst alternative facilities.

We provide specialised nursery take care of babies from twenty-four weeks of gestation onward. Premature babies (born before thirty-seven weeks twenty-four weeks gestation) and sick babies are clinically assessed and cared for within the ICU till they will be transferred to the ward.

Once your baby is ready to be discharged from ICU, we make sure that you're prepared and assured regarding handling your newborn. We offer a home-like atmosphere in our Luxury space and guide and support you during this transition part.

Check the Basics
In general, the distance between your home and the hospital will have no bearing on your delivery outcome. However, knowing that your hospital is nearby can provide much-needed reassurance to some women. Insurance coverage is also another important factor to check for. If you are covered by insurance, it’s well worth picking a birthing centre that covers your costs.

Examine Infrastructure for High-Risk Pregnancies

This is not to say you will have one, but it’s always wise to err on the side of caution. If you’ve had complications through your pregnancy, have had past high-risk pregnancies or have a preexisting health condition, filter for hospitals that will be able to support you in the event of an emergency. Also, ask questions. Does your hospital have a neonatal and maternal intensive care unit? Does it carry doctors with experience in high-risk pregnancies? Does it host the right technology to support its claims?

Understand the Childbirth Philosophy
If you believe in natural childbirth, make sure that your hospital wholeheartedly reflects your personal childbirth philosophy. Make a list of criteria that will go on to form the framework for your birth plan. For instance, ask if the hospital hosts Lamaze classes. Ask whether there’s an on-site lactation consultant to help you learn latching techniques before and after your delivery. Find out whether you can attend any prenatal workshops and nutrition and fitness sessions. Sift through online reviews to read past mothers’ experiences. This will help you gain an authentic understanding of whether your hospital of choice stands true to its claims.

Consider Your Husband’s Involvement
Having your husband by your side through childbirth is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. Not only can it turn childbirth into a team effort, it can be a wonderful way to bring your new little family together. Find out whether your hospital will allow your husband in the delivery room and whether it offers workshops and sessions that will allow you both to attend together.

Contemplate the Personal Touch
Pregnancy is a deeply personal experience and it ought to be mirrored in the approach offered by your hospital. Whether it’s a personal relationship manager who can manage your appointments and scans or a tailored medication plan that aligns to your prior medical history, glean the degree of personalisation before making your choice.



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